Long Haul

Whether you’re looking to transport produce from Miami to Milwaukee or cheese from Green Bay to Ohio, Xtreme Trucking is your solution for long haul freight shipping. We have the experience, capacity and all of the necessary certification and licensing to cover any distance throughout the lower, contiguous 48 states and Canada.

With long haul shipping, your freight remains inside a single container as it’s transported to its final destination, providing shorter shipping times, enhanced security and reduced risk of damaged or missing goods.

Xtreme Trucking long haul freight options include:

  • Step-Deck
  • Double Drop/Lowboy

Reliable, On-Time Shipping

All of Xtreme’s trucks are 60 months or newer and maintained in-house at our two shop locations (Maribel and New Holstein) to prevent unexpected breakdowns. Once a long haul trailer fulfils a round-trip trucking delivery, it undergoes a comprehensive inspection by Xtreme Trucking’s mechanics. Plus, Xtreme Trucking is able to deliver real peace of mind in real time. Our advanced GPS system takes the guesswork out of your shipment’s journey.

To Deliver the Best, We Hire the Best

Driver experience can often mean the difference between an on-time shipment or a costly delay.

You can count on Xtreme Trucking’s drivers to continually deliver over the long haul because we only hire applicants with thousands of miles of experience. That hard-earned expertise, paired with our well-maintained fleet, ensures reliable service every time.

Contact us for a freight quote today, and learn more about how Xtreme Trucking can meet your business’ long haul transportation needs.