Xtreme Trucking Hauls in Nearly $3,000 for Special Olympics Wisconsin


Truckers and law enforcement from across Wisconsin came together on September 14 for the annual Truck Convoy®. The Truck Convoy® is a unique, one-day celebration that helps raise money and awareness for the more than 10,000 athletes currently competing in Special Olympics Wisconsin.

Law enforcement escorted the convoy of trucks throughout communities across Wisconsin, starting from the Pioneer Travel Plaza in Richfield and traveling on Interstate 41 to the EAA grounds in Oshkosh. Members of the community cheered, held up signs and waved flags along the convoy’s route.

After they arrived, truckers and law enforcement were greeted by the Special Olympics community and recognized for their support with music performances, lunch, an award ceremony and celebratory party.

Six of Xtreme Trucking’s employees participated in Wisconsin’s Truck Convoy®. Driver Tracy Schumacher’s Military Appreciation-themed 2020 Volvo VNL 760 led Xtreme’s group of drivers, followed by Ruth Schwobe and wife Lisa, Chad Ruelle, Adam Dart and his daughter, Caleb Westbrook and wife Stephanie, and Craig Waters with his foreign exchange student, Martin, from Madrid, Spain.

“This year was my sixth year in a row participating in the convoy,” said Craig Waters, Xtreme Trucking’s recruiting manager. “Seeing the joy on these kids’ faces as they look up to us like heroes is one of the most heartwarming experiences I have ever had. I am proud to work for a company that supports our local community through this event and many others.  I am already looking forward to leading another group of drivers in the 2020 Truck Convoy for Special Olympics of Wisconsin.”

The Xtreme team raised a combined total of $2,980 for Special Olympics Wisconsin. And with $1,350 in pledges, Xtreme driver Ruth Schwobe was presented an award for raising the most online donations.



Truck Convoys® take place in 32 states and two provinces in Canada. To participate, truckers simply donate a $100 entry fee. Semi-trucks, truck trailer combinations, lowboy trailers, dump trucks, flatbeds, buses, large tow trucks, and large box trucks are all welcome.

182 trucks participated in Wisconsin’s 2019 Truck Convoy®, raising nearly $100,000. Since 2005, Wisconsin’s Truck Convoy® has donated more than $1.2 million to Special Olympics Wisconsin.

The Truck Convoy® is made possible through the efforts of local law enforcement who help annually with traffic control and logistical planning.


About Special Olympics Wisconsin

Special Olympics Wisconsin is a statewide organization of the Special Olympics movement that unleashes the transformative power and joy of sports everyday around the world. Through work in sports, health, education and community building, Special Olympics has been empowering people with intellectual disabilities for 50 years, leading to a more welcoming and inclusive society. With the support of donors, coaches and volunteers, Special Olympics Wisconsin provides year-round sports training and more than 100 athletic events in 18 Olympic-type sports to 10,000 individuals with intellectual disabilities.


About Xtreme Trucking

Owner Travis Nelson founded Xtreme Trucking in 2007 with just one truck and a leased refrigerated trailer. Since then, it’s emerged as one of the most progressive and fastest-growing carriers in the Midwest. With decades of experience behind the wheel and running logistics, the Xtreme Team can handle ANY load a customer needs shipped.  Long haul, hazmat, dry van, or refrigerated transportation are all within the company’s repertoire. Headquartered in Maribel, WI, Xtreme Trucking partners with almost every major shipper in the refrigerated truck field, including many well-known household brands.

5 Reasons Drivers Choose Xtreme Trucking for the Long Haul

Owner Travis Nelson founded Xtreme Trucking in 2007 with just one truck and a leased refrigerated trailer. The company has since flourished and become one of the most progressive and fastest-growing carriers in the Midwest. Xtreme Trucking’s comprehensive repertoire now includes long haul, hazmat, dry van, and refrigerated transportation. Headquartered in Maribel, WI, Xtreme Trucking partners with almost every major shipper in the refrigerated truck field all while hiring locally and keeping its employees’ best interests at heart.

Xtreme Trucking recognizes its drivers are the backbone of its sustained success, and from the very beginning, its focus has been on keeping them safe and fulfilled.

As a trucker himself, Nelson understands drivers have families and passions outside of their jobs and strives to provide opportunities that improve their lives on and off the road.

Read on for some of the top reasons why jobs at Xtreme drive satisfaction for the “long haul.”


Great Salary, Reliable Paychecks, Excellent Benefits

Xtreme Trucking was founded to create a better place to drive and strives to pay top wages within the industry. Pay rates are based on truckers’ experience and safe driving records, with drivers consistently earning $65,000+ per year. Plus, the work is steady and reliable. There are never any worries about lack of freight!

Ultimately, Xtreme wants its drivers to have a long career with the company and does whatever it takes to keep them engaged and earning.

And high salaries aren’t the only thing offered. When working for a committed company like Xtreme, drivers gain access to a comprehensive benefits package:

  • Excellent options for insurance, including health, dental, vision, and life
  • Paid short term disability
  • 401K with company match

Xtreme Trucking also offers extra incentives to top-performing drivers because it truly values the results of hard work.


Freedom and Flexibility

There’s a true sense of satisfaction that comes with the autonomy of driving for Xtreme Trucking.

On the road, Xtreme’s drivers are behind the wheel and in control. They are their own boss, with no one looking over their shoulder. They are responsible for themselves with minimal supervision.

If they need a break, Xtreme drivers take a break. If they want to blast their guilty pleasure song at full volume, no one will fight or judge them. Drivers enjoy significant flexibility between points A and B.

Xtreme trusts its truckers and their driving skills and relies on their instincts to make every delivery on time. Instead of being micromanaged, Xtreme’s drivers have a team supporting them, including:

  • Dedicated Backhaul Specialists specifically trained to plan drivers’ backhaul before they leave
  • Driver Managers acting as a liaison to take care of issues so drivers can keep their eyes and mind on the road
  • A Safety Permit Officer clearing every route of red tape to ensure drivers aren’t stuck on the road because someone didn’t file the correct paperwork
  • 24/7 Driver Assistance committed to getting drivers back on the road at all costs

Xtreme’s drivers also don’t have to put up with coworkers who just don’t cut it. With the company’s high hiring standards, all drivers share the same excellent work ethic!


Prioritized Home Time

Xtreme Trucking knows recharging with family and hobbies off the road is vital to a well-balanced life. Plus, when drivers are overworked or get burned out, their health and safety are at risk.

Xtreme’s drivers are home as often as every night, with most drivers staying out only six to seven days at a time. Five days of vacation are earned at one year with Xtreme, and the total paid days increase by 2 days every year after that.

If a driver’s life requires flexibility, they can rest assured Xtreme will work with them to make sure they can be there for the important things in life.


A Family-Oriented Culture

Most Xtreme Trucking employees sum up the company culture in one word: “family.”

The company is large enough to provide a wide range of career opportunities, but small enough to maintain a special bond among its workers.

Driver appreciation events and community outreach are just a couple of ways Xtreme Trucking puts families first. The company encourages driver participation in charitable and community events such as local parades, Special Olympics Charity Truck Convoy, and the Brown County Fair Rodeo.

Plus, as a veteran trucker with more than a decade of experience on the road, owner Travis Nelson “gets it.” His unwavering respect for his drivers has built a culture where everyone at Xtreme feels recognized and appreciated. Drivers are always addressed by name!


Purpose with the Paycheck

As the industry saying goes, “If you bought it, a truck brought it!”

It’s easy for Xtreme’s drivers to find fulfillment in their careers as they are truly making a difference in their communities and across the United States.

Truck driving is an economically essential job in the United States. Every major industry relies on over-the-road delivery, one way or another. Name any item in a home or office, and chances are it saw the inside of a truck, either as raw material or as a final product.

Commercial trucking accounts for the delivery of more than 80% of goods shipped to retailers across the country, handling more cargo than ships, planes or even trains.

America runs on trucking, and that’s absolutely something of which the Xtreme Team can be proud!


Xtreme Trucking’s leadership understands that happy drivers are the engine to happy customers. If that sounds like a road worth taking, find your place on the Xtreme Team, and shift your career into high gear. Click here to learn more.

June is National Dairy Month

Celebration shines light on key role truck drivers play in MOOving dairy products across the country


National Dairy Month has been celebrated in the U.S. since 1937. Originally called “National Milk Month,” the observance was established by grocer organizations to promote milk and stabilize dairy demand when cows were turned out to pasture and production was at a surplus. It initially ran from June 10 to July 10 and was branded with the tagline “Keep Youthful—Drink Milk.”

In 1939, the National Dairy Council renamed and reframed the event to encompass the entire month of June.

National Dairy Month has evolved into a commemoration of the dairy industry’s global contributions and is observed in America in a variety of ways.

Dairy pride is clearly evident in Wisconsin, where more than 70 farm families host dairy breakfasts, teaching attendees about the important role farmers play in their communities and treating them to a home-cooked meal and locally-made dairy products.

“Each June, we turn the spotlight on Wisconsin farmers who work tirelessly to produce our state’s award-winning dairy products,” Suzanne Fanning, SVP of Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin and chief marketing officer of Wisconsin Cheese, said in a release. “Wisconsin is America’s Dairyland for a reason: We do dairy better than anyone. That identity is Wisconsin’s birthright—it’s central to the state and defines how the rest of the world sees us.”

Wisconsin Dairy Facts:

The dairy industry unmistakably fuels both the state and nation’s economy. From the cows and farmers to cheese makers, truck drivers and grocers, the entire chain of service works hard to keep up with the world’s non-stop demand of dairy and is deserving of recognition well beyond the month of June.


The Crucial Role of Truck Drivers in the Prosperity of the Dairy Industry

After milk is transported from a farm, homogenized, pasteurized, and processed into dairy goods, such as butter, yogurt, and cheese, it is packaged and shipped to retailers and restaurants in refrigerated trucks.

Truckers are vital to the industry, as they represent, in most cases, the only viable way to transport dairy products quickly and affordably.

As an integral link within the industry, refrigerated trucking has become highly specialized. Dairy products are sensitive, and even the shortest exposure to extreme temperatures can give bacteria a chance to flourish.

Today’s truckers must have a technical understanding of both the product and complex supply chain, experience with food safety and sanitary standards as well as proficient knowledge of governmental regulations and weight limits.


Xtreme Trucking’s Refrigerated Trucking Services

Xtreme Trucking has 45 years of experience transporting temperature-controlled goods to all 48 contiguous states.  We keep your freight in its pre-shipped state, and our frequent equipment inspections ensure a maintenance issue won’t make it late. And with all trailers equipped with temperature monitoring and tracking, issues are addressed immediately with real-time information and alerts.



Contact us today for a free quote, and learn more about how Xtreme Trucking can meet your business’ dairy transportation needs.

How to Survive the 2019 Roadcheck

Roadside inspections are a necessary inconvenience for truckers within the industry. They give the Department of Transportation a means to ensure drivers are compliant with laws and their trucks are operating safely. And while roadside inspections happen every day throughout the U.S., Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) largescale, three-day International Roadcheck provides a platform to bolster awareness of the importance of commercial vehicle safety.

The annual inspection blitz is the world’s largest targeted enforcement program on commercial motor vehicles. Among the thousands of vehicles inspected every year through Roadcheck, a significant percentage of trucks and their drivers are put out of service. Last year, for example, Roadcheck sidelined nearly 12,000 trucks and buses.

This year’s Roadcheck takes place June 4-6, and according to a CVSA media release, a North American Standard Level I Inspection will be most often utilized. The 37-step procedure includes an examination of driver operating requirements and vehicle fitness. Outside of the increased frequency of inspections during the 72-hour Roadcheck, the examinations are very similar to the roadside inspections performed before and after the event.

Every year, the CVSA also puts emphasis on a category of violation during Roadcheck. 2019’s focus will be on steering and suspension systems.

“Steering and suspension are safety critical systems for any commercial motor vehicle. Not only do they support the heavy loads carried by trucks and buses, but they also help maintain stability and control under acceleration and braking, keeping the vehicle safely on the road,” said CVSA president Jay Thompson. “Furthermore, they keep tires in alignment, reducing chances of uneven tire wear and possible tire failure, and they maximize the contact between the tires and the road to provide steering stability and good handling.”


Why Should You Care About Roadcheck 2019?

Last year’s stats may surprise you:

  • A total of 67,703 Roadcheck inspections were carried out.
  • More than one in five trucks receiving a comprehensive Level I inspection during Roadcheck were taken out of service.
  • Hours of Service violations accounted for 43.7% of all driver out-of-service conditions.


How Can Truckers Avoid Violations?

The best way to prepare for Roadcheck 2019 is to know what to expect.

With the majority of inspections being Level I inspections, inspectors will likely check a truck’s:

·         Brake system ·         Lighting devices
·         Cargo securement ·         Steering mechanisms
·         Coupling devices ·         Suspensions
·         Driveline/driveshaft ·         Tires
·         Driver’s seat ·         Wheels
·         Exhaust system ·         Rims and hubs
·         Frames ·         Windshield wipers
·         Fuel systems


And with this year’s focus being on steering and suspension systems, it’s important you pay extra attention to those areas leading up to Roadcheck.

Don’t leave home without the proper paperwork and identification, either. Be sure to have the following documents on hand:

  • Driver’s License (operating credentials)
  • Medical Examiner’s Certificate
  • Skill Performance Evaluation Certificate (if applicable)
  • Driver’s Record of Duty Status
  • Vehicle Inspection Report(s) (if applicable)

Inspectors will also check drivers for seat belt usage and the influence of alcohol or drugs.


What Happens After a Roadcheck Inspection?

If no critical violations were found during Roadcheck, a driver will receive a CVSA decal to display on his or her vehicle to certify it passed inspection.

Vehicles or drivers failing inspection will be issued an out-of-service order and won’t be able to operate until the violations are addressed.


Xtreme Trucking is Here to Help

If you’re looking for additional tips on how to prepare for Roadcheck 2019 or need help getting your truck back in service after a failed inspection, contact Xtreme Trucking at 920-367-2068

Xtreme Trucking Aims to Reduce Pollution Through SmartWay Transport Partnership

Xtreme Trucking strives to be a forward-thinking company and is always working to reduce its environmental footprint. Recently,  the company joined the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) SmartWay Transport Partnership, which is designed to increase energy efficiency while significantly reducing greenhouse gases and air pollution.

The partnership is a government collaboration with various freight industry sectors which are voluntarily working to improve fuel efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of every delivered load. The initiative launched in 2004 and assists its partners with tools and approaches to track and reduce emissions and fuel use. Going forward, the SmartWay program aims to achieve fuel savings of up to 150 million barrels per year.


As part of its commitment as a SmartWay partner, Xtreme Trucking is required to:

  • Measure its current environmental performance
  • Commit to improving that performance within three years
  • Identify technologies and strategies to achieve these goals
  • Track emissions
  • Forecast future progress


“The future of Xtreme Trucking relies on the health of our planet,” said Travis Nelson, president of Xtreme Trucking. “As we look to further reduce carbon dioxide pollution and lead by example within the trucking industry, the SmartWay program is the natural next step for our company. We are honored to be a partner and are fully committed to SmartWay’s ambitious objectives.”


What kind of impact has the EPA’s SmartWay Transport Partnership had in the U.S. over the last 15 years?

  • SmartWay partners have saved 248.8 million barrels of oil—the equivalent of eliminating annual electricity use in over 16 million homes.
  • By helping America’s freight industry reduce its dependence on foreign fuel, more dollars can be invested in the U.S.; having fewer imports also reduces the national trade deficit.
  • SmartWay is helping businesses lower fuel costs, saving $33.4 billion to date. These savings directly support the trucking industry and the customers they serve.
  • SmartWay has helped partners avoid emitting 119 million tons of air pollution (NOx, PM, and CO2), which helps protect the environment and keeps Americans healthy.


Xtreme Trucking, among those freight companies participating in the SmartWay program, demonstrates its commitment to corporate social responsibility while delivering goods in a cost-effective and fuel-efficient manner.

Learn more about the SmartWay program at https://www.epa.gov/smartway


About Xtreme Trucking

Owner Travis Nelson founded Xtreme Trucking in 2007 with just one truck and a leased refrigerated trailer. Since then, it’s emerged as one of the most progressive and fastest-growing carriers in the Midwest. With decades of experience behind the wheel and running logistics, the Xtreme Team can handle ANY load a customer needs shipped.  Long haul, hazmat, dry van, or refrigerated transportation are all within the company’s repertoire. Headquartered in Maribel, WI, Xtreme Trucking partners with almost every major shipper in the refrigerated truck field, including many well-known household brands.

How Do Small Trucking Companies Compete With Large Rivals?

In just the past five years, Xtreme Trucking has become one of the fastest growing carriers in the Midwest. With a total of 75 trucks and 150 trailers, however, it remains a small trucking company by industry standards. This relatively small size hasn’t stopped Xtreme from steering straight at larger competitors when it comes to performance, though. Its client list includes well-known household brands and many other major shippers in the refrigerated and flatbed segment. The Xtreme Trucking way is a great example of how you don’t have to run the biggest gig to operate big rigs successfully.


The Upside to Being Small

Competition, as is common in industries of all kinds, is a natural part of doing business in the trucking world.  For a smaller trucking operation, that means carving out a living among large corporations and industry giants, plus other small businesses. All that competition isn’t easy, and bigger companies generally have more brand recognition and resources at their disposal, but small trucking companies can boast plenty of advantages over their larger rivals:


Personal Attention

A common complaint made against large trucking companies is the lack of personal service. When customers call with a question, they’ll often have to speak with multiple employees before getting a satisfactory answer.

Small trucking companies, by the nature of their management structure, can develop deeper, more personal relationships with customers. An example is the commitment Xtreme Trucking president Travis Nelson and company leadership have made to meet with customers face-to-face.  That extra attention from staff helps build loyalty and trust with a client — provided the services are also up to their standards.


Innovation and Productivity

A large trucking company can find itself trapped in outdated, inefficient and costly processes, because the resources and planning required to achieve sweeping change is too extensive.  At Xtreme Trucking, innovation that benefits both customer and company can be implemented almost immediately.



The intimate size of Xtreme Trucking means any slip in employee performance wouldn’t escape notice in the safety of numbers. The company expects honesty and integrity from all its workers, and customers continually gain from the consistently hard work they produce.  It creates a level of accountability able to forge strong, long-lasting customer relationships that are the envy of larger trucking companies.


Why Do Drivers Choose Small Trucking Companies?

The benefits of the Xtreme Trucking way do not only extend outward to its expanding list of clients.  Employees, too, are reaping the benefits of a company driven by efficiency.  Just like a payload that’s been expertly weighted to maximize the haul, the size of Xtreme Trucking puts employees in the best position to deliver!

Drivers at smaller companies, like Xtreme Trucking, don’t get lost in the shuffle. Their opinions are heard, and leadership genuinely cares about their job satisfaction and safety.  They are considered “members of the family”—not just another ID number on the payroll. Moreover, the larger the company, the higher the dispatch to driver ratio becomes. Xtreme Trucking works to keep that ratio low, preventing their drivers from becoming overworked and getting them home on time.


Is Xtreme Trucking the Right Small Employer for You?

Our operational philosophy might be deemed “Xtreme” by the rest of the professional world, but we know how drivers want to be treated! No lying or BS here; Xtreme Trucking’s leadership understands that happy drivers are the engine to happy customers. That’s why we’re committed to supporting our team with the latest technology, a strong support system with 24/7 assistance, and schedules that suit each driver’s needs. If that sounds like a road worth taking, find your place on the Xtreme Team, and shift your career into high gear.

Still not convinced? Check out our 10 Reasons why it’s better to drive with Xtreme Trucking!


What’s New at Xtreme Trucking?

Owner Travis Nelson founded Xtreme Trucking in 2007 with just one truck and a leased refrigerated trailer. Since then, it’s grown quickly to emerge as one of the most progressive and fastest-growing carriers in the Midwest. The company now partners with almost every major shipper in the refrigerated truck field, including many well-known household brands.

The past year, especially, has been a prolific time for Xtreme Trucking as Nelson invested in facilities, technology and staff.  Here’s a quick snapshot of the Xtreme team’s rapid growth:


X Marks the Spot to a New HQ

On October 18, Xtreme moved its whole team to a new facility in Maribel, Wisconsin. The new headquarters features all employees in one location, interstate access and tractor and trailer parking.


Expanded Equipment Inventory

Nelson acquired Zernicke Trucking Inc. in 2015, and the brand officially retired in June of 2018.  All its former equipment now bears the Xtreme logo. The additional acquisition of a small fleet (Jon T. Wolf) brings the total number of trucks to 75, with 150 trailers for use as dropped equipment for pre-loading.


Cruisin’ to an Improved CSA BASIC Score Card

Xtreme Trucking lowered its CSA Basic Score Hours of Service to zero points in 2018.

CSA stands for Compliance, Safety, Accountability. It is a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration initiative that was introduced to improve the overall safety of commercial motor vehicles. The amount, severity and date of any violations, inspections or crashes the carrier has been involved in are all taken into consideration when calculating the Score Card. With that data, carriers are assigned a percentile from 0 – 100. Like golf, a lower score is better.

Xtreme Trucking’s ISS score also decreased to a 44-Pass in January.


Xtreme-ly Improved Website and Blog

Xtreme Trucking is always looking for ways to improve its processes and technology to better serve its customers and staff. To that end, the company recently revamped its website and added a new blog.

The updated site features:

  • New homepage and Careers section layouts to help visitors explore content more efficiently
  • Improved navigation to provide a more intuitive, user-friendly experience
  • Updated staff bios and company history content
  • Expanded, comprehensive descriptions of Xtreme Trucking’s refrigerated shipping services
  • A company blog for sharing news
    • A culture of open communication is strongly valued at Xtreme Trucking. The new blog is just one component of the company’s new content marketing strategy, which focuses on leveraging Xtreme Trucking’s website and social media presence to provide valuable information to customers, staff, drivers and prospective employees.
    • Through this new channel, the Xtreme team will be regularly publishing articles covering company updates, staff milestones, industry news, insights from the Xtreme leadership team, and new transportation trends and technology.
    • The blog will be another easy way to connect with Xtreme Trucking online, alongside its Facebook page. Readers are encouraged to interact and share any input or questions in the blog’s comment section.


New Team Members Along for the Ride

Over the last year, Xtreme Trucking’s staff saw significant growth.


Last month, four new employees were welcomed aboard the Xtreme Team:

1/7/19 Durlin Beechy
(Open Deck OTR)

1/18/19 Chris Bennes
(Part-time Local)

1/18/19 Kurt Leick
(Part-time Local)

2/1/19 Jonas Lundberg
(Carrier Sales Representative)


Xtreme is committed to supporting its team with the latest technology, a strong support system with 24/7 assistance, and schedules that suit each driver’s needs.

If that seems like a road worth taking, shift your career into high gear and contact Xtreme Trucking today.



Ready to refer a friend? Contact us today or find out more at: https://www.xtremetrucking.com/driving-jobs/


  • Successfully integrated Vorpahl Trucking into the Xtreme family.  This positioned us as a premier in-state/short run shipper of cheese and solidified many of our cheese customers by providing both OTR and local services
  • Opened Green Bay office and yard to compliment New Holstein office, yard and shop.
  • Successfully integrated Heim Trucking into the Xtreme family.  Learned west coast lanes and backhauls
  • Transitioned Rhea Zernicke into driver recruiting/retention, providing a full time focus to this important area
  • Launched SHIFT program for identifying issues and processing changes/improvements.
  • Xtreme Logistics added  Matt Luehring as a dedicated specialist for finding truck capacity in any mode or lane.
  • Added many new flatbed, refrigerated and local customers
  • Added  a number of new, state of the art Freightliner cabs