Why Work Here

10 reasons why it’s better to drive with Xtreme Trucking.

    There’s a word truck drivers don’t hear very often –never mind experience. Yes, we respect our drivers, their goals, their schedules and their family lives.
    At Xtreme we do as we say and say as we do. If there’s an elephant in the room we address it head on- then move on. To us, honesty builds trust and trust builds a better company.
    When most trucking companies send drivers out into the abyss, we have staff specifically trained to plan your backhaul before you even leave.
    Between our dispatcher and our drivers we have our Driver Manager, who acts as a liaison to take care of issues so you can keep your eyes and mind on the road.
    As drivers ourselves, we know the areas that are more desirable to run and set our focus on freight that serves those areas.
    No matter the reason, we’re available around the clock to take care of our team of drivers and are fully committed to get you back on the road at all costs.
    When you drive truck with Xtreme you are family. We also understand that being home on time is important to your real family, so we do everything to keep them happy too.
    The windshield is pretty big here at Xtreme Trucking. Under the vision of Travis Nelson, we have quickly grown to be a highly-respected company and team of drivers.
    We have an open door policy here at Xtreme and truly believe that issues are solved with constructive conversations though our several communication channels.
  10. FAIR PAY
    Why is pay last on the list? Because, we believe that if we treat our drivers with honesty and respect as outlined above, then a competitive wage is the icing on our cake.


Pay & Benefits:

Xtreme was founded to create a better place to drive and we strive to pay top wages within the industry. Being a premier refrigerated carrier, we base pay off of your experience, Employment History, MVR Record and Safety Record. We feel someone with 20 years of experience and a solid background, should earn a higher rate than someone with only 3 years of experience. We also believe you should be paid for miles which closest reflect the odometer. While many other companies still pay shortest miles, be relieved your mileage reflects 4% greater miles than our competitors. In all, our drivers consistently earn $65,000 per year or more!

Additional Driver Pay

  • All live stops are paid including first pickup and last delivery
  • Paid detention, layover or breakdowns
  • Truck/trailer breakdown & layover pay
  • Per diem allowances
  • All loaded and empty miles are paid
  • Holiday pay
  • Paid weekly by direct deposit or check


Xtreme Trucking offers a 401(k) plan through RBC Wealth Management in order to help you plan and invest for your future. You can contribute from 1% to 50% of your eligible compensation, up to a total yearly investment of $19,500 (this is the IRS limit). As an added incentive, we will match your contribution up to 3.5%


We provide our team members excellent options for insurance including: health, dental, vision, life and disability. The health and wellness of our employees and their families is extremely important and our insurance benefits clearly reflect that. Xtreme pays a very large portion of the cost of our employees’ medical coverage. In Addition our Humana Go365 Wellness plan helps you reduce your premium and earn incentives by taking steps to stay healthy! We also offer a $10,000 life insurance policy and Short-Term Disability Insurance to our employees absolutely free of charge. Long-term disability insurance  options are available.