Company Memo: COVID-19

Employees, Vendors and Customers,

Xtreme Trucking LLC is committed in remaining fully operational during these troubling times.  We understand the importance of keeping America moving by delivering everyday essential products that Americans rely on to live.

We are taking the COVID-19 pandemic seriously and will be putting safety measures in place to slow the rapid spread of the virus. We understand we must remain healthy here to continue to be fully operational.  We also understand that our drivers who are essential to the supply chain will be traveling domestically into many other states.   They have an increased risk in attracting the COVID-19 virus.


As a company we are implementing the following:

  • All travel for office employees, including all safety meetings, is canceled until further notice.
  • We ask all employees to please follow the Federal and State guidelines in regard to activities.
  • We are prohibiting external visits to Xtreme’s office. All communication can be done via phone or email.
  • We are asking that drivers only enter our offices for absolute necessity. We are not trying to segment anyone out, but if one infected person came into the office, our whole office would need to be quarantined for 14 days making day-to-day activities tough.  Please use drop boxes located outside the offices in Maribel and New Holstein (driver room).
  • We are going to fully sanitize the office weekly vs bi-weekly.
  • We are asking that anyone who chooses to travel for vacation to self-quarantine before returning to the office
  • Please continue using best judgements, washing hands for 20 seconds, sanitizing your desk and trucks, and be aware of who you are in contact with.

In the event our office would become infected, we are prepared to work remotely while in quarantine. We do understand, however, our drivers cannot work remotely and will address these situations as they arise. Everyone’s health is our first priority, delivering America is our next! We will continue to update everyone as the news changes quickly.


What most people aren’t talking about is how to protect yourself through your body’s immune system.  Our bodies are designed to fight off viral infections.  The most important thing everyone can do is build their immune systems.


Some Things to Do:

  • Take your vitamins: multivitamin, vitamin C, echinacea, vitamin D3.
  • Drink lots of water, stay hydrated.
  • Reduce stress: stress weakens the immune system, allowing viruses to take over.
  • Eat healthy. Cut out fast foods. Eat nutritious meals that add value to your immune system.
  • Eat less sugars. Sugars deplete immune systems, allowing viruses to take over.
  • Drink less soda and other carbonated drinks, even DIET.
  • Perfect time to manage weight. Extra weight taxes the immune system.


I want to remind everyone to please think long term.  We are resilient people and will get through these tough times!   This is a great reminder of just how quickly our freedom can change. Be thankful for what we have in America because it can vanish in a moments notice.  Stay positive, use common sense, compassion, creativity and don’t live off the news.

We appreciate everyone for their patience while we endure this unprecedented time together.


Travis Nelson