6 Reasons to Become a Professional Truck Driver

The United States depends every day on truckers making on-time deliveries. Carrying food, fuel, livestock, vehicles and many other things Americans use and depend on, truck drivers are ‘the wheels’ driving the U.S. economy forward. In fact, trucks deliver nearly 70 percent of all freight transported annually in the U.S., and the American Trucking Association (ATA) estimates the trucking industry provides one out of every 16 American jobs.

There are many reasons one might consider a career in trucking. For some, it’s a chance to get out of a dead-end job, underemployment or unemployment. For others, it’s a way to escape the office setting and see the country while earning good money.  Imagine trading in the suit and tie or uniform for a job with a casual dress code that allows you to bring your own music, audiobooks and podcasts along for the ride!

The U.S. trucking industry has demonstrated lasting staying power that is not subject to the ups and downs of the economy.  And as it continues to grow and thrive, high demand means companies are offering substantial incentives to drivers of all experience levels. If all this hasn’t convinced you that trucking is the right career path, check out what many truckers say are the job’s biggest perks:


Job Security

If you’re planning to invest long-term in a career, make sure you train in a stable industry.

Over the next decade, the ATA estimates the trucking industry will need to hire roughly 898,000 new drivers to keep pace with growth and replace older drivers as they retire.  Demand like THAT puts job-seekers in the driver’s seat.

On top of industry growth, U.S. trucking jobs cannot be outsourced! Transporting goods from coast to coast has always been needed, and trucking remains the only viable way to move many products quickly and affordably.

Truckers with a safe driving record and on-time performance are rewarded with the peace of mind of a secure career.


High Pay

High demand for drivers is raising wages in one of the few industries that doesn’t require a college degree to earn a good living. While some friends are racking up debilitating debt to complete their higher education, you could be out in the workforce already earning a competitive income.

A trucker’s income is determined by several factors, including:

The route: Long-haul drivers often make more than local drivers who are generally paid by the hour.

The load: If you’re hauling oversized loads or hazardous chemicals, you’ll be paid more because driving these types of vehicles requires more experience and skill.

At Xtreme Trucking, pay rates are based on truckers’ experience and safe driving records, with drivers consistently earning $65,000+ per year.


Job Flexibility

Truckers cannot work more than 70 hours in any 8-day period or drive more than 11 hours in a 24-hour period without taking a break. Through this protection, truckers often enjoy flexible scheduling. Most can choose the type of hauls they drive and whether they’ll be assigned to local, cross-region or long-distance runs.

Xtreme Trucking knows time spent with family and on hobbies is vital to a well-balanced life. Plus, when drivers are overworked or get burned out, their health and safety are at risk.

Xtreme’s drivers are home as often as every night, with most drivers staying out only six to seven days at a time.

If a driver’s life requires flexibility, Xtreme will work with them to make sure they can be there for the important things in life.


More Benefits

While many industries are cutting benefits, trucking companies are focused on driver retention and offering benefits that make a difference in the lives of drivers and their families.

In addition to higher-than-average salaries, Xtreme Trucking’s employees have access to a comprehensive benefits package:

  • Excellent options for health, dental, vision, and life insurance
  • Paid short-term disability
  • 401K with a company match


Opportunity to Travel

A truck driver’s “office” always comes with a view!

In a way, long-haul truckers are paid to travel across the country. Truckers who get to regularly cross states’ lines are treated to views of the landscape most people never get to see. On long trips, truckers can experience different cultures and foods as well as views of the country’s most breathtaking vistas. Every day can be a new adventure out on the open road!


Pay Bonuses

High-performing truckers are often rewarded through bonuses.

Xtreme Trucking, for example, offers its team:

  • Safety and Performance Bonuses
  • Fuel Mileage and Idle Bonuses
  • Driver Referral Bonuses


Xtreme Trucking’s leadership understands that happy drivers are the engine to happy customers. If that sounds like a road worth taking, find your place on the Xtreme Team, and shift your career into high gear. Click here to learn more.