5 Reasons Drivers Choose Xtreme Trucking for the Long Haul

Owner Travis Nelson founded Xtreme Trucking in 2007 with just one truck and a leased refrigerated trailer. The company has since flourished and become one of the most progressive and fastest-growing carriers in the Midwest. Xtreme Trucking’s comprehensive repertoire now includes long haul, hazmat, dry van, and refrigerated transportation. Headquartered in Maribel, WI, Xtreme Trucking partners with almost every major shipper in the refrigerated truck field all while hiring locally and keeping its employees’ best interests at heart.

Xtreme Trucking recognizes its drivers are the backbone of its sustained success, and from the very beginning, its focus has been on keeping them safe and fulfilled.

As a trucker himself, Nelson understands drivers have families and passions outside of their jobs and strives to provide opportunities that improve their lives on and off the road.

Read on for some of the top reasons why jobs at Xtreme drive satisfaction for the “long haul.”


Great Salary, Reliable Paychecks, Excellent Benefits

Xtreme Trucking was founded to create a better place to drive and strives to pay top wages within the industry. Pay rates are based on truckers’ experience and safe driving records, with drivers consistently earning $65,000+ per year. Plus, the work is steady and reliable. There are never any worries about lack of freight!

Ultimately, Xtreme wants its drivers to have a long career with the company and does whatever it takes to keep them engaged and earning.

And high salaries aren’t the only thing offered. When working for a committed company like Xtreme, drivers gain access to a comprehensive benefits package:

  • Excellent options for insurance, including health, dental, vision, and life
  • Paid short term disability
  • 401K with company match

Xtreme Trucking also offers extra incentives to top-performing drivers because it truly values the results of hard work.


Freedom and Flexibility

There’s a true sense of satisfaction that comes with the autonomy of driving for Xtreme Trucking.

On the road, Xtreme’s drivers are behind the wheel and in control. They are their own boss, with no one looking over their shoulder. They are responsible for themselves with minimal supervision.

If they need a break, Xtreme drivers take a break. If they want to blast their guilty pleasure song at full volume, no one will fight or judge them. Drivers enjoy significant flexibility between points A and B.

Xtreme trusts its truckers and their driving skills and relies on their instincts to make every delivery on time. Instead of being micromanaged, Xtreme’s drivers have a team supporting them, including:

  • Dedicated Backhaul Specialists specifically trained to plan drivers’ backhaul before they leave
  • Driver Managers acting as a liaison to take care of issues so drivers can keep their eyes and mind on the road
  • A Safety Permit Officer clearing every route of red tape to ensure drivers aren’t stuck on the road because someone didn’t file the correct paperwork
  • 24/7 Driver Assistance committed to getting drivers back on the road at all costs

Xtreme’s drivers also don’t have to put up with coworkers who just don’t cut it. With the company’s high hiring standards, all drivers share the same excellent work ethic!


Prioritized Home Time

Xtreme Trucking knows recharging with family and hobbies off the road is vital to a well-balanced life. Plus, when drivers are overworked or get burned out, their health and safety are at risk.

Xtreme’s drivers are home as often as every night, with most drivers staying out only six to seven days at a time. Five days of vacation are earned at one year with Xtreme, and the total paid days increase by 2 days every year after that.

If a driver’s life requires flexibility, they can rest assured Xtreme will work with them to make sure they can be there for the important things in life.


A Family-Oriented Culture

Most Xtreme Trucking employees sum up the company culture in one word: “family.”

The company is large enough to provide a wide range of career opportunities, but small enough to maintain a special bond among its workers.

Driver appreciation events and community outreach are just a couple of ways Xtreme Trucking puts families first. The company encourages driver participation in charitable and community events such as local parades, Special Olympics Charity Truck Convoy, and the Brown County Fair Rodeo.

Plus, as a veteran trucker with more than a decade of experience on the road, owner Travis Nelson “gets it.” His unwavering respect for his drivers has built a culture where everyone at Xtreme feels recognized and appreciated. Drivers are always addressed by name!


Purpose with the Paycheck

As the industry saying goes, “If you bought it, a truck brought it!”

It’s easy for Xtreme’s drivers to find fulfillment in their careers as they are truly making a difference in their communities and across the United States.

Truck driving is an economically essential job in the United States. Every major industry relies on over-the-road delivery, one way or another. Name any item in a home or office, and chances are it saw the inside of a truck, either as raw material or as a final product.

Commercial trucking accounts for the delivery of more than 80% of goods shipped to retailers across the country, handling more cargo than ships, planes or even trains.

America runs on trucking, and that’s absolutely something of which the Xtreme Team can be proud!


Xtreme Trucking’s leadership understands that happy drivers are the engine to happy customers. If that sounds like a road worth taking, find your place on the Xtreme Team, and shift your career into high gear. Click here to learn more.