June is National Dairy Month

Celebration shines light on key role truck drivers play in MOOving dairy products across the country


National Dairy Month has been celebrated in the U.S. since 1937. Originally called “National Milk Month,” the observance was established by grocer organizations to promote milk and stabilize dairy demand when cows were turned out to pasture and production was at a surplus. It initially ran from June 10 to July 10 and was branded with the tagline “Keep Youthful—Drink Milk.”

In 1939, the National Dairy Council renamed and reframed the event to encompass the entire month of June.

National Dairy Month has evolved into a commemoration of the dairy industry’s global contributions and is observed in America in a variety of ways.

Dairy pride is clearly evident in Wisconsin, where more than 70 farm families host dairy breakfasts, teaching attendees about the important role farmers play in their communities and treating them to a home-cooked meal and locally-made dairy products.

“Each June, we turn the spotlight on Wisconsin farmers who work tirelessly to produce our state’s award-winning dairy products,” Suzanne Fanning, SVP of Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin and chief marketing officer of Wisconsin Cheese, said in a release. “Wisconsin is America’s Dairyland for a reason: We do dairy better than anyone. That identity is Wisconsin’s birthright—it’s central to the state and defines how the rest of the world sees us.”

Wisconsin Dairy Facts:

The dairy industry unmistakably fuels both the state and nation’s economy. From the cows and farmers to cheese makers, truck drivers and grocers, the entire chain of service works hard to keep up with the world’s non-stop demand of dairy and is deserving of recognition well beyond the month of June.


The Crucial Role of Truck Drivers in the Prosperity of the Dairy Industry

After milk is transported from a farm, homogenized, pasteurized, and processed into dairy goods, such as butter, yogurt, and cheese, it is packaged and shipped to retailers and restaurants in refrigerated trucks.

Truckers are vital to the industry, as they represent, in most cases, the only viable way to transport dairy products quickly and affordably.

As an integral link within the industry, refrigerated trucking has become highly specialized. Dairy products are sensitive, and even the shortest exposure to extreme temperatures can give bacteria a chance to flourish.

Today’s truckers must have a technical understanding of both the product and complex supply chain, experience with food safety and sanitary standards as well as proficient knowledge of governmental regulations and weight limits.


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