How Do Small Trucking Companies Compete With Large Rivals?

In just the past five years, Xtreme Trucking has become one of the fastest growing carriers in the Midwest. With a total of 75 trucks and 150 trailers, however, it remains a small trucking company by industry standards. This relatively small size hasn’t stopped Xtreme from steering straight at larger competitors when it comes to performance, though. Its client list includes well-known household brands and many other major shippers in the refrigerated and flatbed segment. The Xtreme Trucking way is a great example of how you don’t have to run the biggest gig to operate big rigs successfully.


The Upside to Being Small

Competition, as is common in industries of all kinds, is a natural part of doing business in the trucking world.  For a smaller trucking operation, that means carving out a living among large corporations and industry giants, plus other small businesses. All that competition isn’t easy, and bigger companies generally have more brand recognition and resources at their disposal, but small trucking companies can boast plenty of advantages over their larger rivals:


Personal Attention

A common complaint made against large trucking companies is the lack of personal service. When customers call with a question, they’ll often have to speak with multiple employees before getting a satisfactory answer.

Small trucking companies, by the nature of their management structure, can develop deeper, more personal relationships with customers. An example is the commitment Xtreme Trucking president Travis Nelson and company leadership have made to meet with customers face-to-face.  That extra attention from staff helps build loyalty and trust with a client — provided the services are also up to their standards.


Innovation and Productivity

A large trucking company can find itself trapped in outdated, inefficient and costly processes, because the resources and planning required to achieve sweeping change is too extensive.  At Xtreme Trucking, innovation that benefits both customer and company can be implemented almost immediately.



The intimate size of Xtreme Trucking means any slip in employee performance wouldn’t escape notice in the safety of numbers. The company expects honesty and integrity from all its workers, and customers continually gain from the consistently hard work they produce.  It creates a level of accountability able to forge strong, long-lasting customer relationships that are the envy of larger trucking companies.


Why Do Drivers Choose Small Trucking Companies?

The benefits of the Xtreme Trucking way do not only extend outward to its expanding list of clients.  Employees, too, are reaping the benefits of a company driven by efficiency.  Just like a payload that’s been expertly weighted to maximize the haul, the size of Xtreme Trucking puts employees in the best position to deliver!

Drivers at smaller companies, like Xtreme Trucking, don’t get lost in the shuffle. Their opinions are heard, and leadership genuinely cares about their job satisfaction and safety.  They are considered “members of the family”—not just another ID number on the payroll. Moreover, the larger the company, the higher the dispatch to driver ratio becomes. Xtreme Trucking works to keep that ratio low, preventing their drivers from becoming overworked and getting them home on time.


Is Xtreme Trucking the Right Small Employer for You?

Our operational philosophy might be deemed “Xtreme” by the rest of the professional world, but we know how drivers want to be treated! No lying or BS here; Xtreme Trucking’s leadership understands that happy drivers are the engine to happy customers. That’s why we’re committed to supporting our team with the latest technology, a strong support system with 24/7 assistance, and schedules that suit each driver’s needs. If that sounds like a road worth taking, find your place on the Xtreme Team, and shift your career into high gear.

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